Project-Based Learning

Students are required to complete theoretical study, participate in project practice and produce project results within a fixed period of time

Available PBLs



AI: Designing Machine Learning Hardware -

Tesla Project


AI: Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance - J.P. Morgan Project


AI: Deep Learning in Medical Imaging - Siemens Project


AI: Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing - Google Project


AI: Computer Vision and Image Processing - Microsoft Project


 AI: Natural Language Processing - Apple Siri Project


AI: Machine Learning and Smart Transportation -

Lyft Project


AI: Atomistic Simulation - Schrödinger Project


AI: Machine Learning in Healthcare - Johnson & Johnson Project


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PBL Learning Phase

Complete a full research project, write a research paper to be published, and gain practical skills top employers look for

Week 1

Research Subjects Setup

At the beginning of the project, the project lead will explain the background knowledge of the project and explain the steps of publishing a paper to the students. Upon gaining a deeper understanding of the topics covered by each track, students are able to select one and eventually join their track's own team.

Week 2 - Week 3

Project Proposal Review

After the PBL team is established, the project lead will guide the students to conduct an in-depth exploration of the selected track and, finally, determine the thesis topic. Students are required to come up with a clear allocation of work and time.

Week 4 - Week 9

Research Development

Team members will begin to develop papers. The project lead will provide guidance on a weekly basis to clarify students' thoughts, direct their research and answer any relevant questions

Week 10 - Week 12

Research Paper Review and Project Presentation

Each group will present their research and complete the project publication plan.
After the PBL project is completed, the project lead will assist students in polishing and publishing the paper.

Attend PBL Program to Receive

Employable Skills

Gain practical skills that top employers are looking for

Referrals and Recommendations

Receive recommendation letters to pursue career and academic advancement

Research Papers

Complete a research paper based on the research with the opportunity to be published

PBL Program Prerequisite

In order to ensure you have a better learning experience, you must take SPOC before entering the PBL course.

Talent Community

The “AI+X” Global Talent Community is meant to provide students who enrolled in the "AI+X" Blended Learning program with the chance to improve their practical skills and get ready for a career in artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Work Desk

Scholarship Available


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