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Steps in the Blended Learning Journey

Earn Your Certificate & Learning Analytics Report

Step 1 Apply for a SPOC

Before the SPOC starts, you will receive pre-learning materials on a regular basis. Meanwhile, you will connect with your learning support team to communicate your academic and career goals.

Step 2  Interact and Learn

Once you access the learning platform, you will meet the teaching team and your fellow classmates live. Watch recorded lectures at your own pace, attend regular interactive live sessions, and complete online assignments.

Complete a Research Project and Paper

Step 3 Pick Your PBL & Track

Pick the project you are most interested in. Connect with your PBL project lead ahead of time to communicate

Step 4  Learn by Doing


Complete a full research project cycle with your team and project lead, including writing up a research paper.

Step 5  Earn a Recommendation

Top project performers will earn recommendation letters from the project lead.

Start your Career Journey from Here

Step 6  Be Matched to a Position

Your career advisor will match you to an internship or full-time position from a top enterprise, based on your Blended Learning performance and unique background.

Step7  Polish Your Resume and Get Ready for an Interview

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