Small Private Online Course

SPOC Learning Phase

Step 1


5 weeks before the start of the course, students will start the pre-learning via email. 

Step 2

Platform Sign-up

Sign up for the official MIT Learning Platform before the class begins

Step 3

Recorded Sessions

Learn knowledge systematically through weekly recorded videos

Step 5

Live Sessions

Live interactions with the professor every week

Step 6


Weekly assignments to reinforce your knowledge

Step 7

Gain MIT Certificate

Complete the course and get an official MIT certificate

Available SPOCs


Machine Learning, Modeling, and Simulation Principles

Advanced SPOC

Applying Machine Learning to Engineering and Science

User Friendly Platform

Assignment and Tasks

You can program homework online independently without any other software, which is convenient and fast, and helps you to concentrate.

No Language Barrier

This function will not only help you to understand the course content but also effectively help you improve your professional English ability.

Online Discussion Panel

You can discuss with MIT teaching assistants in real-time on the course platform, and communicate and get answers anytime and anywhere.

Complete SPOC to Receive

MIT Official Certificate

The certificate is widely recognized by colleges and universities in the United States, as well as corporations in the United States and abroad, and recipients can link it to their personal profiles (such as LinkedIn).

Internship and Full-time Position

Upon completion of the SPOC, learners can begin applying for any internship or full-time position under the Talent Community program with the help of Career Coach. This opportunity will be reserved until the learner is successfully employed. There is no limit on the number of referrals.

Learning Analytics Report

A comprehensive performance evaluation report provides students with clear ideas and contents when writing resumes or personal statements

Orpheus Business Personality Inventory

In cooperation with the Psychometrics Center of the University of Cambridge, we provide a comprehensive soft power analysis test free of charge for students who have job hunting needs. The report results will greatly help learners to provide professional soft power support for job hunting


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